There are very few guarantees in life, but I recently discovered one that unlocked so many problems that were consuming my thoughts. A life built around expectations of yourself and others, will always lead to one of disappointment. Expectations A recent friend of my shared some advice that he got from a Tony Robbins [...]

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Fear is something that we all have known almost through our entire life.  It's most likely shown up in some way in your life every day.  I can say I am no exception to this.   Our life is filled with this fear, and for some people, it can be paralyzing and others it can be [...]

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My Veteran Transition Story

Why didn't they say life after serving was going to be the next hardest battle we faced as Veterans?  Maybe they did and that was just the part I was too tired to remember. I remember about one year after the transition from the Marine Corps reflecting on my choices when I first got out [...]

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