Why Self-Help Sucks

I remember the very first book I read related to self-help, it was a Zig Ziglar book called "Better than good life."  I felt like the clouds had lifted and the sun began to shine.  Life was going to be amazing from this point forward. After I finish a book, I find myself repeating, this [...]

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Does your life have anchor points?

In May I spent some money and put a new swing set up for my kids.  It was a 6-hour project to put up, but man did the kids love it.  I had followed all the directions (well almost) and it looked just as good as the picture! Fast forward a month we left for [...]

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The Power of Hope

I remember thinking during my Marine boot camp in San Diego, "I hope I make it."  I was considered an underdog of who people would expect to be a Marine, and for most of my 13 weeks, motivation was an uphill battle.  Hope in these moments came from a few affirmations I put on an [...]

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What life doesn’t teach us as it happens

Military Training Funny thing about the military is our general lack of appreciation for what it is teaching us about life as it happens. I remember being forced to sit left or right Indian style in boot camp thinking, "Why the hell do they make us do it one way."  Well, it turns out [...]

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Out of Options

I find the voice inside my head repeating "you are out of options."  I have worked through some problems in my life where I feel that I am at my wit's end. It's a feeling that almost everyone has experienced at some point in their life. Maybe it's something related to work, our personal life, [...]

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