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What can we learn from Superman?

Anyone who has served knows what a pain in the ass it can be to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and be expected to do a five-mile run. I remember in those first few weeks after I got out, sleeping in never felt so good.  Running a 5K each morning was the last [...]

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The Power of Hope

I remember thinking during my Marine boot camp in San Diego, "I hope I make it."  I was considered an underdog of who people would expect to be a Marine, and for most of my 13 weeks, motivation was an uphill battle.  Hope in these moments came from a few affirmations I put on an [...]

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The Current State of Troubleshooting

"Troubleshoot Like Its an Equation" Tweet Quote Almost anyone who troubleshoots for a living has an inner knowledge of the secrets of the universe that 98% of society is still trying to figure out. It seems that troubleshooting has become one of those skills that are right next to rocket scientist, rare. I [...]

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