They say curiosity killed the cat; maybe the phrase came into existence as a marketing gimmick for people to live out mediocre lives.

The word curiosity didn’t mean much to me until the last couple years nor did I realize how much of a part it had already played in my life.   Looking back on my life, this one word was my cornerstone in so many different choices I have made in my life.

Even my choices to join the Marine Corps was based on a curiosity to know more about who I was.  It wasn’t because of a tradition in the family, or one of the 100 reasons why people join the military.  It was because of one-word, curiosity.  I have always had this burning desire to be more than I was yesterday and discover a new version of myself tomorrow I have yet to meet.

I didn’t always think like this, but now it is cool getting excited the night before knowing tomorrow a better “me” is waiting.  A version of me, 1% better than before.

Curiosity drove even my reason for leaving the Marines.  I had a fear of not reaching my full potential while serving, and I needed to see what the world had in store for me.  It’s crazy to believe I gave up a life where my future was mostly secured; I had a reliable income, I knew my place in the world, I would always know what tomorrow would bring.  Curiosity always got the best of me, and I chose the road less traveled.

It has led me to change careers and companies. Even ones I enjoyed working for, for the sole reason to quote Star Trek, “Boldly go where no man has gone before.”  That sounds like an odd thing to include in a blog post, but it highlights one of humanities greatest gifts, the desire to understand the world around us.

I recently took part in a mastermind call with former Navy Seal Thom Shea who has a book called “Unbreakable.”  He talked about the difference between the people who make it and those that don’t.  It couldn’t believe his answer, “they keep their word.” It’s not muscle, brains, or social class.  Their word is their bond.  He ended with a follow-up idea about knowing who you are, was one of the most fundamental principles of success, an “I am ..” statement.

After this call, I took time to reflect on my “I am …” statement and remember that when I am at my best is when I show up as me first.

Trust, Integrity, Balance, Curiosity, Wisdom, Growth, Authenticity

I seek a foundation of life built on trust, integrity, and balance. I will always continue to grow by being curious and authentic in everything I do.

This post is more than about stories and how I got to where I am today.  It’s about recognizing curiosity is a value we all share, it’s easy to let life blind us to what the universe hardwired into us.

This concept of following what makes you curious is something that my coaching programs focuses on as a fundamental building block get clear on what we want from life.

Many people get lost trying to find a purpose 4 life, or what makes them truly happy.  They will spend their entire life window shopping on Facebook at others life, wishing they had what they had, but not doing the hard work to get there.

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I am currently on a path to learn, observe, and develop a mastery of leadership. My journey to become a Marine taught me many things about life and one of them was Marines are natural born leaders. I believe more and more everyday that our problems small to big can be solved through devoted leadership, clear vision, and a great team behind them. I have learned that the best leaders of our time have never stopped learning and will never admit they are finished , but just crossing another mile stone on the roads of success. Everyday that I am on my journey I become more excited of my future destination and meeting my future self. You can have everything in life, if you just help enough people get what they want. Zig Ziglar Core Values: Trust, Integrity, Balance, Curiosity, Wisdom, Growth, Authenticity
  • Hi Ben,

    I love the message here.

    If you poke around just a wee bit, you can learn more about yourself, and the world around you.

    At that point you begin to uncover the I Am’s. Almost like a revelation at first, because we tend to put ourselves in a confining, binding box, versus seeing the awesome potential we have in owning who we truly are.

    Inspired post.

    Thanks for sharing Ben.


    • Ben

      Ryan thank you for the comment and the daily motivational boost.

      I really valued your wisdom this year and glad to have you in my circle of influence.