Current State of Car Buying

//Current State of Car Buying

I recently went through a three-month search for the right vehicle and what I learned first was that each dealer thinks they have figured out the secret to winning the game. This fact could not be further from the truth as many are still missing the mark for what a real genuine customer experience is.

Top 3 things to watch for
  1. Did they respect you when you said no, this car is not for me?
  2. Were they genuinely interested in helping you find a car you wanted or were they about serving their interest first?
    Finally, did they get to know your story about your personal “why” for looking for a car? This one is important because this is the best indicator of genuine interest in not screwing you over. Listening is the most powerful tool in a salesman arsenal, and the good ones will always show this trait.
10 Rules for Buying a Used Car and getting a great deal
  1. Every deal is worth walking away if it doesn’t scream “Hell Yes” in your gut.
  2. Don’t walk into the dealer until you have a short list of three cars you’re interested in and what years you like most.
  3. Train your Intuition … Know what cars are going for within a three state radius of where you plan to purchase.
  4. Pick a range of years, a model, a certain mileage and price range and stick with it.
  5. Start searching on the internet and finding cars that are priced too high and follow them, these are the ones that after 45 days of not moving get priced to sell.
  6. Once you get notified of a price drop, evaluate against your intuition and either move on it or walk away. Don’t wait these “priced to move”, can be gone within 48 hours.
  7. Follow your instincts, if a deal feels dirty it probably is.
  8. Create a list of must-have features; this makes saying yes or no easy.
  9. Always ask what the hold policy is, every dealer is different
  10. Always remember 12,000 miles is a whole year extra of driving and sometimes a little extra cash now can make it worth it for the long haul.

Final Note: Don’t pay for an extra warranty, “Insert Your Name Here Warranties LLC” is just as successful at saving an emergency fund as they are and if you have no problems, you win in the long run.

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