Guest Post: How I Stopped Thinking Like a Fired Employee and Started Thinking Like a Blogging Entrepreneur

//Guest Post: How I Stopped Thinking Like a Fired Employee and Started Thinking Like a Blogging Entrepreneur

Nearly a decade ago I received the pink slip.

I was a fired security guard.

Today I am an island hopping, pro blogging, Amazon best selling entrepreneur.

I made what seems like a quantum leap by ceasing to think like a fired employee and beginning to think like a pro blogging entrepreneur many years ago.

Here’s what I did.

I Doubled Down on Mindset Work

Doubling down on mindset work showed me that thinking like a pro blogger required me to face, embrace and release fear-based states of mind.

This was an unpleasant process for me. I liked rolling out of bed, watching espn while eating a few bagels then sprinting off to work.

To root out damaging, low energy habits I began my day with meditation, prayer, building a gratitude list, mapping out my day, some exercise and any ritual that both raised my energy and exposed my deepest fears.

Think less like a worker. Think more like an owner. Double down on mindset work. Commit to clearing out limiting beliefs from your inner world.

I Became Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

This morning, I feel uncomfortable. I have a busy day lined up blogging-wise plus some offline family stuff to address.

How do I deal with it all?

I became comfy with being uncomfortable many moons ago.

This was the energetic shift I had to make from being a fired employee to being an established, pro entrepreneur.

I was used to walking into a job where all tasks were set up for me. Comfortable. I was not used to thinking on my feet, making bold moves and aggressively peddling my products and services, or even creating those in the first place. Highly uncomfortable.

This journey feels rough sometimes and quite scary. Embrace these feelings. Roll with it. Think, and act be a pro blogger. Even before your pro blogging results flow in.

I Followed Professional Advice

9 years ago, I flopped around like a fish. Had no blogging chops. Why would I? I thought like an employee. I thought like a pier guard.

Pier guards don’t know how to blog.

Darren Rowse of Pro Blogger does. So I followed his advice. I began thinking, acting and *being* a pro blogger. Even before I had any shred of success. All because I followed the leader. Or I followed pro advice.

Make the jump from employee thinking to blogging entrepreneur thinking. Follow the advice of pros. They know the way; follow it, by following their counsel.

I Invested Money in My Venture

Investing your dough in your business is one bold step you need to take in order to think like a pro blogging, full time entrepreneur.

First, I made the bare minimum investment required of every blogging entrepreneur: I bought my domain and hosting. Over time, I eventually purchased other blogging products and services to where I have invested thousands of dollars into my blog.

Pros know; building a full time venture requires you to be *all in*. Invest money. Invest time. Be a professional blogger. Leave the “amateur hour” line of thinking behind.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

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