Military Training

Funny thing about the military is our general lack of appreciation for what it is teaching us about life as it happens.

I remember being forced to sit left or right Indian style in boot camp thinking, “Why the hell do they make us do it one way.”  Well, it turns out that this is the only position to shoot an M-16 while sitting.

Another classic is how the military has very precise shaving regulation for men.  Turns out that in combat when you get gassed, and you put a gas mask on it needs a tight seal for you to survive.  Guess what, that is not happening if you have a five o’clock shadow.

The reason I bring these up is that the military was teaching us a whole lot more at the time, but it isn’t till later in life that we can fully appreciate the life the military gave us.

For me, it wasn’t till I was in the world of business leading a team and recognizing the similarities to being a Platoon Sgt.   For me, the military was teaching me the value of leadership, personal development, and never letting your team settle.

Recognizing Potential

My awareness of this took an approximately six-year detour where I wasn’t leading a team but just doing what I needed to do.  It wasn’t until I had hit rock bottom in building the life I was supposed to, also known as getting a degree in something I loved but wasn’t good at and ended dropping out.

If you have ever dropped out of college, you know the feeling that the green yard you were planning on getting to on the other side of the fence just dried up and your left with the worst question ever “What do I do now.”

It wasn’t until I went to a leadership seminar that I realized the passion I once had for leading and that it had just become dormant.  This seminar became my pivot point where I decided that my future would be a mastery of leadership.

One Moment

This moment is also where my self-help journey began, and that was about four years ago.

What this moment taught me just like the ones in the military we can’t always see the purpose of the events in our life as a critical step in getting where we ultimately need to be.  For me, if I hadn’t dropped out of school I might not have been truly at rock bottom to find my way back up in a new direction.

I have met plenty of people that only realized their life purpose after a traumatic event happened in their life.

A close friend didn’t find his love for speaking and writing until he had to go through 5 years of hell struggling with PTSD.

If you follow John Lee Dumas, he only found his purpose in life while sitting in traffic in Los Angles for hours at a time.

Some people call this destiny; others just call it fate.  I am not a fan of labeling it anything other than LIFE!

So, next time we get a moment in our lives that just seems to be you at your worst, you never know if this might be exactly where you need to.

I leave you with an interesting video on the story of Play Doh, you never know if your just one pivot away from your true purpose 4 life.


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