Living my “Better than Good” life

//Living my “Better than Good” life

It was three years go in March when I first found the book called “Better than good: Creating the life you can’t wait to live” by Zig Ziglar. This book was one of the first books I read that made a real impact on my life.

I was at a point in my life when I would have used any words but better than good to describe it. I had one side of the coin welcomed our first daughter the year prior and on the other side was balancing going to school for Electrical Engineering. It was right around this time I had to make the hard choice to drop out. College at the age of 28 is hard already and balancing life and work it proved too much at the time. When I finally did make a choice to drop out my grass is going to get greener on the other side mentality was gone, and I didn’t know where to go anymore.

It was around this time I found Zig’s book. A principal of his teachings is “You can have everything in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.” This idea triggered my switch to my now better than good life.

It starts with a simple answer to the question “How are you doing.” After reading this book my world was flipped upside down (right side up in this case), and since then I always answer “Better than Good.”

It exposed a feeling I wasn’t aware of and that I was always frustrated with how unauthentic relationships were in my life, not close ones but just general interactions with society. This book has a simple but very effective way to change your mood. By only asking how some one’s day is going and me saying that mine is “better than good” they are typically so caught off guard that they must pause. Everyone says they are good, but most people you know it’s not true because you can hear its lie in their voice and it drove me nuts.

I find that sometimes it’s a person at Target checking out who’s day just got a little easier because of what I said. Or an immigration officer at O’Hare in Chicago who I said it to, who to this day is the most off guard reaction, I bet he was thinking about what just happened for a few hours after. I find the airport is the most fun having these types of moments with people. I make it a game to great everyone with a better than good attitude cause let’s face it airport security jobs are some of the worst to deal with mean people on both sides of the line.

Another favorite memory I have of someone’s reaction is at the grocery store where I went through a similar script, and her response was “Ya know what, I am doing better than good too.” She reminded me of someone who might have been having a patchy day at work but just needed a reset to realize how great the day was.

I have friends who get worried when I don’t say I am better than good. If I am better than good, then the world is going to have an OK day today.

So, like I said in the beginning for me these three simple words were all I needed to trigger a shift in my interactions and my new “Better than Good” view on my life. If you say it enough times, you will start to naturally feel better than good, even if sometimes you must fake it to make it.

Better than good: Creating the life you can’t wait to live” by Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar Podcast … Epic listen … it can reset the worst of my days back to better than good!


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