Who has your six when you’re a veteran?

After I was discharged from the Marine Corps almost 10 years ago, I will never forget the feeling I could not shake of feeling alone. While in the Corps I always had the band of brothers and sisters that would have my back and would always be there to pick up me up when I [...]

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Through the Looking Glass

For most of my life, I observed the world as a very fixed set of parameters. It felt like I was standing in a box with four walls and everything painted gray. This was the life I was told would be waiting for me and if I just stayed in the box, worked hard, everything [...]

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How many shovels are in your life?

Have you ever been to a friend's house and your walking around the outside of the house and there is shovel leaning up against the garage? You say, "Why doesn't he just put it away, seems easy enough." It usually looks like it has been there for months and he just keeps walking by it [...]

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Living my “Better than Good” life

It was three years go in March when I first found the book called “Better than good: Creating the life you can’t wait to live” by Zig Ziglar. This book was one of the first books I read that made a real impact on my life. I was at a point in my life when [...]

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Current State of Car Buying

I recently went through a three-month search for the right vehicle and what I learned first was that each dealer thinks they have figured out the secret to winning the game. This fact could not be further from the truth as many are still missing the mark for what a real genuine customer experience is. [...]

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The Current State of Troubleshooting

"Troubleshoot Like Its an Equation" Tweet Quote Almost anyone who troubleshoots for a living has an inner knowledge of the secrets of the universe that 98% of society is still trying to figure out. It seems that troubleshooting has become one of those skills that are right next to rocket scientist, rare. I [...]

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